Re-Ignite 9th Annual Full-day Conference

Re-ignite is designed to connect & motivate business owners through education and inspiration. The messages have been crafted to be relatable and to strengthen the attendee’s belief in their chosen path to success!


Join us Tuesday, October 19th, 2021




Jody Swain – Rise Up Fear has two meanings. Forget everything and run or face everything and rise. The choice is yours. — Zig Ziglar. Join me as I share my story and rise up

Lori Ferrara – Integrated Marketing – Building Connections and Building Relationships


Anne Miner – Your Mentor Is Not Your Mother Learn the value of a mentor in advancing your career, what to expect from your mentor, what your mentor will expect from you; what your mentor will and will not do.


Shelagh Cummins ~It’s Your Time This Talk will inspire entrepreneurs because not only is it YOUR time to own, it is also YOUR time to shine. Sharing entertaining and lively anecdotes from her coaching experiences, Shelagh will inspire entrepreneurs to shine because… it’s your time.


Jessica Humphries & Bruno Saint-Hilaire
How to Manage Your Energy Throughout The Day
During this conference, you will learn simple tips to help keep your energy levels high and sustained throughout the day so that you can be more productive, motivated, creative and enjoy your day.
The session will start with a fun and light workout to get your energy and endorphins flowing. You will learn how to move your body throughout the day for optimal energy and have a quick stretching routine that you can incorporate into your daily work schedule.


Tracy Turberfield –

LIVE Virtual Vacation Experience Mini Escape broadcasting LIVE on location in collaboration with:
Nicholas Deane “Barbados Through My Eyes”

We’re excited to bring you our 9th annual full-day Conference!


The first 25 registrants will receive a copy of the Best Selling book

“Succeeding In Spite Of Everything”!  

 All attendees registered by Sept 1 will  receive a fantastic 

Re-Ignite Gift Package!


You will be inspired to RE-IGNITE!!



* Excite and motivate
* Instill the belief that “You Can”
* Leave you saying “I’m ready to take on the next phase”
* Make you motivated to move the blocks and to move forward


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